Study programs
 Laboratory bioengineering study program
  GRADUATE STUDIES – 1st and 2nd INTEGRATED CYCLES according to Bologna
 Master in Pharmacy study program
  POSTGRADUATE STUDIES -2ND CYCLE according to Bologna
 Specialist and master studies in Healthcare management and pharmacoeconomics
 Specialist studies in Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs
 Master studies in Cosmetology
 Specialist studies in Cosmetology
 Master studies in Phytotherapy
 Specialist studies in Phytotherapy
  DOCTORIAL STUDIES - 3RD CYCLE according to Bologna




Faculty of Pharmacy
Majka Tereza 47, 1000 Skopje, R Makedonija
Tel: ++ 389 2 3126-032; 3126-024; 3119-694 Faks: ++ 389 2 3123-054

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